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That leaves just a select few within the school grounds, and as the ancient Crackstone (who, for someone who hates those with supernatural abilities, seems pretty good as mastering his own) heads into the courtyard, he sets the area ablaze in a promise to defeat the Outsiders for good. 

However, he didn’t count on his old foe Goody Addams being ready with a plan. Coming to a dying Wednesday, she uses the last of her supernatural strength to pass through her, healing her but meaning they could never see each other again. Galvanised by one last speech from her ancestor, Wednesday heads into the courtyard to confront Crackstone, who believes her return from an almost certain death to be witchery. Xavier arrives and shoots an arrow at him, but using telekinesis, Crackstone turns it around and shoots it back. Wednesday jumps in the way and gets hit in the shoulder, and she’s wounded once again. 

As Crackstone goes to kill her once and for all, Bianca surprises him by stabbing him through the back – but she misses his heart, and he knocks her out. Bianca’s act of bravery was just enough to give Wednesday time to get back on her feet, and she finally completes the job, stabbing him through the heart and turning him into fire and ash to disappear forever. 

Laurel – who was sent away by Crackstone for talking too much – then reappears with a gun. While her plan has failed, she does have the opportunity to kill Wednesday. But just as she aims, she is attacked by a swarm of bees being commanded by Eugene, who has busted out of hospital and made it to the courtyard just in time to save Wednesday. 

With Laurel on the ground, Eugene encourages Wednesday to take her to the Sheriff, but the teen is way past that point. Instead, she curb stomps Laurel, presumably killing her. 

Joining the rest of the student body in the woods, she is reunited with her best friend Enid, and for the first time, seeing her brightly coloured friend covered in blood, finally accepts a hug from her. 

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Carl Walker

Carl Walker

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