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That way resides within the dimension he knows as “Oblivion.” And that’s why Reginald built the Hotel Obsidian directly atop it – so that he and the children could gain access to it whenever they needed it the most. Speaking of the children…they play an important role in all this.

What Are The Seven Bells?

Every wonder why Reginald Hargreeves only adopted seven of the 43 children born with extraordinary abilities on Oct. 1, 1989? The comic series explains that Reginald could only find seven of the 43. Now the TV series seems to imply that he only ever needed seven in the first place.

Part of the reason why Reggie believes in the concept of Oblivion is because of an ancient prophecy referring to “The Seven Bells.” In fact, there are all sorts of prophecies from around the world that refer to a need of seven something. As Reggie notes, The Norse had seven sleepers and the Blackfoot had seven stars. Where Hargreeves came from (whatever cosmic location that might be), they had seven bells.

As Five (Aidan Gallagher) correctly deduces when things are really going to shit in Oblivion, the children are the seven bells. By standing on certain locations in Oblivion previously revealed by a map, the children’s powers will be accessed and consolidated to open up a sort of computer terminal that can “reset” reality.

Though Reginald began with only seven children, thanks to the introduction of Lila and the sideways universe Sparrows, he now has plenty to choose from. Ultimately Klaus, Ben (Justin H. Min), Sloane, Viktor (Elliot Page), Lila (Ritu Arya), Diego (David Castañeda), and Five fulfill the role of the Seven Bells. Reginald tells Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) to hold back because he knows the experience will kill her and he promised that she could be reunited with her daughter. Say what you will about Reggie, but he’s a man of his word in addition to being a complete monster.

What Was Reginald’s Plan? 

All of this – Oblivion, Seven Bells, etc. – appears to have been Reginald Hargreeves’ plan this whole time, maybe even from the beginning of season 1. As previously established, Reginald is a space alien with no real love for his children. But that doesn’t mean that he can’t experience love at all. At some point during his long life, Reginald lost his wife, Abigail. Unable to let her go, Reginald preserves her corpse and tries to find a way to bring her back. In fact, it’s her body on the moon that Luther was unknowingly protecting his whole time up there.

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