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That’s right. A lot of your faves are back, including some faces you might not be expecting, but there are a couple of key players missing, and the film does suffer a bit for it. As diehard fans will already know, Dylan O’Brien (Stiles Stilinski) and Arden Cho (Kira Yukimura) haven’t returned because of scheduling conflicts and unequal pay issues, respectively. That doesn’t mean the movie ignores them entirely though.

Dylan’s legacy in particular comes up throughout, as it should, and that’s not all either. At around two hours and twenty minutes, Teen Wolf: The Movie does its utmost to cram everything in it possibly can. Like pointy canines tearing out of your gums, this film is practically bursting at the seams with content. And honestly? It’s a bit much at times.

Creator Jeff Davis is clearly aware of how important Teen Wolf is to the fans, but in his attempt to address every possible aspect of the show, things get a bit messy — and not just in a blood-and-guts sense either.  

Every knowing wink and nod to the past reads like a love letter to the fans, and that’s needed, of course. Teen Wolf: The Movie wouldn’t exist without that diehard fanbase. And towards the end especially, some of these Easter eggs pay off in a big way with hard-hitting emotional returns. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of plot to get through before that, and some of these callbacks to the show’s greatest hits stall the film more than necessary.  

Not only does Teen Wolf: The Movie have to establish where everyone is now and bring them all back together, Jeff’s script also has to set up the Big Bad and brand new characters while still finding space for fan-fave ships and a high-stakes finale.    

Ahead of release, Davis told Collider that this was “a colossal undertaking,” explaining that the original cut was three hours long. “By the end of writing the movie, I kind of realized, ‘Oh my god. This is basically season seven all in one movie.’” 

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